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Membership Categories and Rates

SPSP membership is open to students and professionals involved or interested in personality and social psychology. We are now in the 2019 dues cycle, which includes membership through 12/31/2019. 

Membership Categories

Full Members ($100): This category is for those who have earned a doctorate degree in psychology. It includes all benefits and services of membership.

Associate ($100): Individuals who are no longer a student and have not earned a doctorate in psychology are eligible for this membership. (Note: Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold office in SPSP)

Early Career Members ($50): Individuals who have earned their doctorate degree in psychology within the last 3 years may choose to join as early career members.

Undergraduate Students ($25): This membership is for undergraduate students interested in personality and social psychology. After receiving their bachelor’s degree, students may continue to be in the undergraduate category for up to three years before they must transition to either graduate student or associate member categories.

Graduate Students ($25): This membership is for graduate students interested in personality and social psychology. Students enrolled in a masters or doctorate program (or in a gap year between) may register in this category.

Retired Members ($25): For retired individuals with past experience in the social and personality psychology fields.


Join online or mail us a hard-copy dues statement.

SPSP is committed to supporting its members during times of hardship. If financial assistance is needed, please submit a Hardship Dues Waiver Request.