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A power law is a relationship in which a relative change in one quantity, like length of side in a square, gives rise to a proportional relative change in another quantity (area), independent of the initial size of those quantities.
Ever felt like you knew someone that complained too much? Perhaps you have even considered cutting ties with this person because they always talked about their problems?
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In a world of social movements—from Black Lives Matter protests to Pride marches, to social media “slacktivism”—many individuals consider themselves allies. This self-endorsement, however, is not usually enough to convince others that they are, in fact, allies.
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Studying demographic variables, such as race, gender, sexual orientation and religion, allows researchers to examine how these factors influence people in many ways. However, these elements often work together to impact individuals that hold more than one marginalized identity.
As compared to the contiguous or conterminous United States, which refers to the 48 states on the North American continent, Hawai‘i does not have a majority White population.
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Ever wonder the justification behind the saying, “If they’re happy, then I’m happy?” How about the saying, “Happy wife, happy life?” Are these statements really true, and if they are, to what extent and why?