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SPSPotlight: August 2015

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Featured News



Beyond the Ivory Tower

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Featured News

SPSP Working for You

Being a member of psychological organizations, going to conferences, and networking with fellow students can be time consuming.  But being a part of SPSP provides a range of benefits that make that time worth it.  Chad Rummel, SPSP Executive Director, gives you a look into how SPSP is working for you.





2016 SPSP Convention Updates

  • The housing portal for the 2016 SPSP Annual Convention in San Diego is now open! Follow the link below to reserve the lowest priced rooms in the block before they’re sold out. RESERVE YOUR ROOM NOW!
  • Looking for a roommate? SPSP has set up an online survey to collect information from anyone wishing to share a room at the annual convention. Click here to put your name on the list. Click here to view the list of those looking for roommates.

Apply for an Outstanding Research Award

The SPSP Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is pleased to announce the return of the Outstanding Research Awards.  The Outstanding Research Awards highlight outstanding student research (that is not currently published or in-press) conducted by graduate student members of SPSP. Submissions will be reviewed by student peers. Five students will be chosen for the awards and will receive $100. All graduate students, whether pursuing dissertation or pre-dissertation research, are welcome to submit an application. Further information regarding eligibility and application materials is available on the submission website.

Deadline: Applications for the Outstanding Research Awards will open on August 25, 2015, and must be submitted by October 8, 2015, at midnight of the last time zone on earth.

Please send questions to

Undergraduate Poster Submission Portal Opens September 8

The portal for abstract submissions for SPSP 2016 for undergraduates who did not submit a poster during the first submission wave will be open September 8 through 18, so get your materials together and get ready to submit!  Undergraduate posters will have a chance to win a poster award, so be sure to select the checkbox during the submission process if you are interested in being considered for an award (an extended abstract will be due at a later date).  Click here for more information or to submit an abstract.

Call for Student Poster and Outstanding Research Award Reviewers

Student members of SPSP who are not submitting an application for the Outstanding Research Awards or Student Poster Awards are eligible, and encouraged, to act as reviewers for these competitions.

Reviewing for this program will provide you with useful experience and allow you to contribute to the scientific community. This position offers you the benefit of adding unique editorial experience to your CV, demonstrating your familiarity with the peer-review process. Lastly, serving as a peer reviewer gives you the chance to be involved in SPSP by offering support and constructive feedback to your peers.

Reviewers MUST be able to commit to reviewing applications during the month of October and be able to adhere to the deadlines given to them for reviewing. The number of assignments to review depends on the number of applications received and the number of reviewers available. Each reviewer will have about 2 weeks to judge approximately 5-10 submissions on the merits of the research, according to a specific scoring system. It is also expected that the reviewer will provide constructive feedback about the application to the applicant.

If you would like to act as a reviewer for the SPSP GSC Outstanding Research Awards, the Student Poster Awards, or both, please complete the reviewer application at the following website by October 7, 2015:

Please send questions to

Showcase Your Research on the SPSP Blog

Have some really exciting research that you’d like to share? We want to hear about it! The GSC invites you to contribute to SPSP’s blog, Character & Context. This is a great opportunity to get experience with writing up your research for a broad audience of psychological scientists and the public. Interested in contributing a post? E-mail us at

SPSP Connect!

SPSP and the GSC are excited to announce the launch of SPSP Connect!, a new online resource for all SPSP members. Come ask questions, share tips, and hold discussions with fellow SPSP members - and be sure to visit the community specifically for students! Share documents and resources, connect and collaborate with other members, and receive real-time updates from both SPSP and the GSC. Click here to explore SPSP Connect!



Cindy Ward

Graduate student Cindy Ward published an article in PSPB titled “Implicit Theories of Change and Stability Moderate Effects of Subjective Distance on the Remembered Self.”

Heritage Dissertation Research Award Winners

Congratulations to the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology 2015 Heritage Dissertation Research Award winners:

  • Jeffrey Bowen, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • David Chester, The University of Kentucky
  • Allison Farrell, University of Minnesota
  • Nicole M. Lawless Desjardins, University of Oregon
  • Chadly D. Stern, New York University
  • Konstantin O. Tshkay, University of Toronto

Know a graduate student who deserves recognition? Celebrate their achievements in our “Kudos” section! To submit a Kudos, email us at


Beyond the Ivory Tower

Ever wonder what careers lie outside of academia? We explore the non-academic job market by talking to social psychology PhDs who have gone into different career paths.

This month, we speak with Erin Burgoon, a Quantitative User Experience Researcher at Facebook. Click here to read more.


Grad Hack

Ever wonder why graduate school doesn’t come with an instruction manual? Now you’ve got it: Grad Hack, giving you quick and dirty tips for your graduate career and beyond.

The fall semester is coming, and with it the stresses of coursework, papers, teaching, and the like.  This month, your GSC is giving you a list of ways they de-stress when everything is piling up.  Click here to read their tips

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