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SPSPotlight: August 2017

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The Unwritten Rules of How to Grad Student

When SPSP member Amy Summerville reached out on Twitter to ask for the unwritten rules of grad student-ing, she received an overwhelming response. This thread is a must-read.

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The Business Applications of Psychology

Learn how your psychology degree can be applied in a career in marketing or human resource management.

GradHack: 10 Tips for Writing

Read tips to help you at every stage of the writing process, from creating section headings and outlines to editing and asking for feedback.

An Inside Look at the SPSP Student Committee

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Student Committee from 2017-2018 Chair Hannah Moshontz: why the committee exists, what it does, who can serve, and more.

SPSP Announcements

Submit an Undergraduate Poster

Attention, undergraduates: Submit a poster for #SPSP2018 before the portal closes on September 19! Your data does not have to be fully collected and analyzed to submit.


Get Resources for Applying to Graduate School

The Student Committee created a road map, decision tree, visual graphic, and application tracker to help students with the decision and process of applying to graduate school.


Serve as a Reviewer for SPSP’s Student Awards

Apply to serve as a reviewer for SPSP’s student awards. You’ll gain editorial experience in the peer-review process, supplement your CV, and give back to your research community – apply today!

Upcoming Dates of Interest

September 1, 2017 – 2018 SPSP Annual Convention Housing Block Opens Get early exclusive access!

September 1, 2017 – 2018 SPSP Annual Convention Registration Opens Get early exclusive access!

September 12 - 30, 2017 – Graduate Student Poster Awards Open for Submissions

September 12 - 30, 2017 – Outstanding Research Awards Open for Submissions

September 12 - October 30, 2017 – Undergraduate Student Poster Awards Open for Submissions



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