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SPSPotlight: January 2017

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After the Convention: Now What?

Another SPSP annual convention has come and gone. What should you be doing after you’ve attended the convention? SPSPotlight co-editor, Vivian Ta, offers some tips.

GradHack: 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Do you use Google Chrome? Vivian shares 7 Chrome extensions that you can use to work more productively and study most efficiently.

SPSP Announcements

Application Deadline Tomorrow: Summer Institute for Graduate Students

With National Science Foundation funding, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology bi-annually offers a two-week intensive summer experience for up to 80 pre-doctoral students in social and personality psychology. Applications are due tomorrow at midnight EDT.

The SPSP 2017 Annual Convention in Review

Here are some key #SPSP2017 research findings:

Putting the Pieces Together: Coherence of Evidence in Decision Making

Alexander Danvers looked at coherence of evidence in decision making from the Dynamics Preconference. 

Wealth Doesn't Always Equal Health

Lauren Howe wrote about racial disparities in health measurements from the Social Personality Health Preconference.

It's Not What's Good - It's What's New

We make rapid, intuitive judgments of others frequently—but what happens when they turn out to be wrong? How do we update them?

Improving Healthcare by Harnessing the Social Context

Patients are influenced not only by what tests are performed and what treatments are suggested, but how the doctor communicates results and engages with patients. How can we use the social context to improve healthcare?

Sharing Psychology With the Public

When it comes to sharing their findings, many academics find it difficult to navigate publication in the popular media effectively.

The Goodness of Guilt: Problems Measuring the Mind

Researchers are split over guilt. Many of them think that guilt is negative. But another group of researchers suggests that guilt is good.

#SPSP2017 on Twitter

Attendees took to Twitter to share their experiences:

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Upcoming Dates of Interest

January 27, 2017 – Summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology application deadline



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