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SPSPotlight: May 2015

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Feature Stories



Undergraduate News to Use

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Feature Stories

Communicating Your Research: What To Expect and Tips for Talking to the Media

Ever wonder what happens when your publication starts getting media attention? How do you spread your research without being misinterpreted? Read Rebecca Friesdorf's guide for talking to the media.

Member SPSPotlight

In the Member SPSPotlight feature, the spotlight is on YOU!  This month, we asked first-year grad student Harrison Oakes and undergraduate junior Zilin Yan a little about themselves, their research, and their interests.  Click here to see what they had to say!



Upcoming Conventions

If you enjoyed the Annual Convention in Long Beach, it’s just the beginning of “convention season”! Here are some upcoming conventions that you may be interested in attending:

Showcase your Research on the SPSP blog!

Have some really exciting research that you’d like to share? We want to hear about it! The GSC invites you to contribute to SPSP’s blog, Character & Context. This is a great opportunity to get experience with writing up your research for a broad audience of psychological scientists and the public. Interested in contributing a post? E-mail us at

SPSP Connect!

SPSP and the GSC are excited to announce the launch of SPSP Connect!, a new online resource for all SPSP members. Come ask questions, share tips, and hold discussions with fellow SPSP members - and be sure to visit the community specifically for students! Share documents and resources, connect and collaborate with other members, and receive real-time updates from both SPSP and the GSC. Click here to explore SPSP Connect!

Heritage Dissertation Research Award

Applications are currently being accepted for the Heritage Dissertation Research Award. In 2015 the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology intends to award six grants of $1,000 each. At least two grants will be in personality psychology and at least two grants will be in social psychology.  The Heritage Dissertation Awards are intended to provide assistance with the costs of conducting dissertation research in social and personality psychology. The deadline for submission is June 1, 2015 EST. For more information, or to apply for the award, click here.



Rebecca Friesdorf

Graduate student member and former Member-at-Large Rebecca Friesdorf published an article in PSPB, titled “Gender Differences in Responses to Moral Dilemmas: A Process Dissociation Analysis.” Rebecca has also received considerable media attention from this publication - read her thoughts about talking to the media here.

Bonnie Le

Graduate student member Bonnie Le published an article in SPPS, titled “The Rewards of Caregiving for Communally Motivated Parents.”  Bonnie also was the recipient of a 2015 SPSP Outstanding Research Award.

Know a graduate student who deserves recognition? Celebrate their achievements in our new ‘Kudos’ section! To submit a Kudos, email us at


Undergraduate News to Use

Undergraduates seeking sage advice: look no further! Undergrad News to Use is here to give you tried and true help with all of the big events in your undergraduate career. 

This month, GSC Member-at-Large for Undergraduate Affairs, Katy Krieger, provides some advice on prepping for the GRE. Click here to learn more.


Grad Hack

Ever wonder why graduate school doesn’t come with an instruction manual? Now you’ve got it: Grad Hack, giving you quick and dirty tips for your graduate career and beyond.

Last month, Lameese Eldesouky gave us 11 useful tips on how to stay productive in grad school.  Click here for tips on turning all that writing into publications.

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