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SPSPotlight: October 2019

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How to Pick (and Fund) a Postdoc
Thinking about a postdoc? Not sure how to pick a program? Nine SPSP members with previous postdoc experience offer tips and advice on this important career decision.


Inside the Academic Job Market: Outcomes and Correlates
In the second part of this article series based on the findings of a survey conducted by the SPSP Student Committee, we highlight some correlates to getting a post-doctorate or tenure-track position.

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New Video: Why We Love Personality Psychology
SPSP Experts including Drs. Brent Roberts, Simine Vazire and Shigehiro Oishi share what drew them to personality psychology, what they love about it, and why they're still in it!


Undergrads Reflect on Their Summer Research Experience
Ten students from underrepresented backgrounds had the unique opportunity to travel to a new city and university and experience firsthand what it's like to participate in a renowned research lab.


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