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SPSPotlight: September 2020

Advice for First-year Graduate Students

The first year of graduate school can be challenging and nerve-wracking, even in the absence of a global pandemic. The Student Committee reflects on advice for first-year grad students.

Shining a Light on Secrets: An Interview with Dr. Michael Slepian

Everyone has a secret or has held one at some point in time. But why do people keep secrets? To learn more, we asked Dr. Michael Slepian of Columbia Business School, whose research focuses on studying the psychology of secrets.

SPUR Program Accepting Applications

Undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds looking for virtual research experience are encouraged to apply by November 1.

Take Part in the First Virtual SSSP

The annual meeting of the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists takes place October 31. Student SPSP members can register for just $20, and abstracts for poster submissions are being accepted through October 7.

Explore the SPSP Career Center

In addition to job, postdoc and internship listings, SPSP offers survey results and other academic career resources to help prepare for your first job search.

Undergrads: Final Days to Submit

If you are an undergraduate student planning to present at SPSP's first virtual convention, please note that your extended submission period ends September 17. Eligibility guidelines and submission instructions are available here.

SPSP2021 Registration Opens September 14

The cost for student members has been substantially reduced for 2021. Learn more, including updated policies for registering and attending the virtual meeting.


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